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Allows easy transition


It takes little effort to change between sitting and standing work modes with just a light squeeze of the hand bars. This allows you to lower the workstation with minimal effort even with the maximum load. When raising the fully-loaded desk (35 lbs is the maximum weight capacity), you need 13 lbs of force to lift it up and only 3 lbs to take it down.


Support better posture


Every detail of our standing desk riser is designed to help you maintain a comfortable and ergonomically correct position – whether standing up or sitting down.


3 Sizes To Choose


Small 27" Model

Medium 36" Model

Large 41" Model

Large 41" Corner Model


Fits most people’s height


Placing this desk riser on a 28” high desk will support people up to 6’1” tall

Placing this desk riser on a 31” high desk will support people up to 6’5” tall

Flexispot Sit to Stand Desk Riser ($339.99-$409.99)

Color: Black
  • All products are special ordered from our factories and are not returnable.  In the event of missing parts, damage or warranty issues, our customer service team will quickly work with our customers to find reasonable solutions to problems including, sending out repair parts, missing pieces, damaged pieces, and to provide our customers with details repair instructions.

  • All products ship free of charge, via the best way.  Some items may require assembly.  Please carefully review item details.   Typical delivery time will occur 1-2 weeks from order entry, unless otherwise specified in the product information.

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