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Tackle the workday with any challenge that comes your way on this snazzy desk chair. The cooling designer back features mesh material for exceptional airflow combined with gentle curved lumbar support. Proper support to the upper body provided by the fixed nylon arms.


Our Fundamental Task Chair will make an impressive footprint in your office with its cutting edge structure. The innovate back pivots backward while leaning back for a comfortable resting period. Adjust your office desk chair with the pneumatic adjustment lever that controls the height of your seat. Effectively switch between tasks with 360 degrees of swivel motion.

Providing exceptional value for today's modern office, our Fundamental Seating will afford you the opportunity to purchase seating for students and small businesses.

Mid Back Gray Task Student/Petite

  • Fixed Width: 23 Inches
    Fixed Depth: 23 Inches
    Minimum Height: 31.5 Inches
    Maximum Height: 36.25 Inches
    Minimum Arm Height From Floor: 23.25 Inches
    Maximum Arm Height From Floor: 28 Inches
    Fixed Arm Height From Seat: 7.25 Inches
    Fixed Arm Width Fixed: 2.25 Inches
    Fixed Arm Length Fixed: 9.5 Inches
    Fixed Back Width: 16 Inches
    Fixed Back Height From Seat: 16.5 Inches
    Fixed Seat Width: 17 Inches
    Fixed Seat Depth: 16.75 Inches
    Minimum Seat Height: 16 Inches
    Maximum Seat Height: 20.5 Inches
    Seat Thickness: 2 Inches
    Foam Density: 1.5 lbs
    Degree of Swivel: 360 Degrees
    Fixed Base Length Fixed: 23 Inches
    Fixed Leg Spacing Width: 11 Inches
    Fixed Leg Spacing Length: 11 Inches
    Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

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